Environment, Health and Travel Journalism

Stories and images from journeys of exploration and discovery through history, health and the environment

About my website

Environment, Health and Travel Journalism

Stories and images from my journeys of exploration and discovery

About my website

Thank you for visiting my website.

Here you will find articles, photos, illustrations, feature articles and other publications on a range of topics relating to travel, history, health and the environment.

The common theme is stories about people, issues, and places that, through my work and exploration of the world I think are important, fascinating, neglected, or otherwise worthy of our attention.

Travel on foot and by bike offer some of the best opportunities for discovery and learning; these are my favoured means of exploration.

Climbing the Col de L’Iseran in the French Alps, on La Route des Grandes Alpes

The aim of these stories is to describe the topics, adventures and places in an informative way, and report on how humanity is responding to some of the important social and environmental challenges I am encountering.

Please do get in contact if you would like any more information.

The About page says more about my interests and the activities represented on my website.


Cooking Ugali (maize flower porridge) over a traditional wood stove in rural Kenya

An installation at the Thiepval Franco-British memorial to the Missing of the Somme; each shrouded figure represents one day of the Great War, and the numbers dying in the Somme are recorded on the tiny crosses

The Temple of Angkor Wat, Cambodia, at sunrise

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