Artwork Galleries

These galleries present a selection of my artwork, in pencil, pen and ink and watercolour.

The drawings and painting here cover work I have done over quite a number of years, although I am doing more now – especially for my Great War bikeride book project. 

All artwork is: © Nigel Bruce, except where indicated in the description.

More galleries and images will be added soon!

Illustrations for ‘The Road of Hope and Sorrow: the Western Front by bike from Passchendaele to Kilometre Zero’

This is part of my project on The Great War, a journey by bike – so far along the Western Front from the Belgian Coast to the Swiss border – and through history, learning about the causes of the war, the course of the conflict, and the consequences for Europe and the World. A book is in the making.

These drawings are all done in pencil on cartridge or watercolour paper …

Kenyan Community Health Worker Training: household energy and air pollution 


Local scenes from Cheshire and North-West England

These drawings and paintings capture village and other local scenes around my home near Chester, and the canals that run through Cheshire and neighbouring counties.

Life Drawing, Still Life and Other Places